-Digital Classics Workshop Announcement (21.7.2022)

We are delighted to announce an international workshop on “CLASSICAL TEXTS IN DIGITAL MEDIA”, which will take place at the University of Patras (Greece) on 2-3 Sept. 2023.*

This event will bring together leading researchers and research groups in digital Classics, with the twofold aim of: (i) showcasing and sharing knowledge of the latest developments in working with digitized Greek and Latin texts and related materials; and (ii) identifying hindrances to / limitations of this work, with a view to establishing possible ways forward.

The Organizing Team,

Andreas Antonopoulos (University of Ioannina/ University of Patras, Greece)

Elton Barker (The Open University, UK)

*Hosted by the Greek Tragedians Online project, this workshop is made possible by generous funding from the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation.

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